On AHAE: Henri Loyrette

Director, Louvre Museum, Paris (2001 - 2013)

The Director of the Louvre Museum (2001 – 2013) speaks about how AHAE’s works allow one to see how to look at nature.

On AHAE: Catherine Pégard

President of the Palace of Versailles

The President of the Palace of Versailles speaks about how rare it is to see someone regard the world, nature and life as AHAE does.

On AHAE: Mike von Joel

Editor in Chief, STATE MEDIA, London

The Editor in Chief of STATE MEDIA, the largest circulation art & photography magazine in London speaks about the artistic merit of AHAE’s work and how it was worthy of being displayed at the Louvre.

ON AHAE: Prof. Milan Knížák

General Director, National Gallery, Prague (1999 - 2011)

The General Director of the National Gallery, Prague (1999 – 2011) speaks about how he came to organize AHAE’s first European exhibition.

On AHAE: Dr. Claudio de Polo Saibanti

President, Alinari National Museum of Photography


The President of Alinari National Museum of Photography speaks about AHAE in light of the historical background of photography.